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Discover the astrology predictions for love, money, and health and see what Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn, zodiac signs that will unexpectedly obtain On March 5, Mercury enters in a retrograde position for the first time in

They possess a bucket load of heart and are on a life mission to share that love with family, friends and offspring. Like spring birds — building and feathering a nest together comes naturally. Two Cancer crabs make the sort of couple who take in strays and set an extra place at the dinner table — just in case. This is a couple who make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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Heavily involved in community and family, Cancer friendships are often forged at Church fetes, in community gardens or coaching junior soccer teams. They quickly form partnerships and combine skills to produced local benefits — think of one running a sausage sizzle whilst the other lobbies council for a new school playground. Friends, and particularly partners of friends, find the constant need to hang out claustrophobic and can wish the friendship pool was injected with new blood. Sensitive Cancer is always timid and cautious when approaching a relationship. But — when Cancer meets Cancer — a light goes on — they set out to impress, rather than unload the past — they seem to know instinctively, not to scare this one away.

Cancer Compatibility - Astrology Companion

Much time will be spent reassuring and proving their commitment with actions and words. Natural nurturers they love looking after each other when physically or mentally under the weather and have been known to throw a fake sickie or two just to get attention. Over protection leads to lack of resilience and an unwillingness to take chances.

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Home is everything to the water sign. Your solitude-seeking souls need to retreat to a private and intimate hub after being out in the wider world.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Life, Trust and Sex Compatibility

You could host the holidays, rent the beach house where everyone communes, have kids crawling out of every nook. A water sign home is likely to feature cozily-appointed guest bedrooms and lots of spare pillows and blankets. Your nostalgic signs both cherish family and tradition. If you wrap yourselves too tightly in this security blanket, it can smother you. A water sign relationship can devolve into a parent-child dynamic complete with baby talk and cloyingly cutesy nicknames and self-destructive indulgence in food, drink and self-soothing activities like shopping.

Your powerful moods may overlap or spiral out of control if not managed. Although water can be placid and beautiful, it can actually do great damage. There are four elements in astrology: fire, earth, air and water.

Cancer - Pisces Compatibility

Each one plays an important role in the greater whole of humankind. Mating with someone from the same element offers the comfort of familiarity.

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  4. You both operate at similar speeds to a certain degree. After all, differences can be challenging in a good way because they push you both to grow. As a same-element couple, you may need to make a conscious effort to not get stuck in a rut or even a competitive dynamic.

    Cancer and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

    Spending time with friends, coworkers or relatives of another element can introduce a more balancing energy. For example, a lighthearted air sign can get you to laugh at yourselves and an adventurous fire sign will encourage you to take more risks. Are you a starter, a doer or a finisher? Do you like to take charge and have a plan, or do you prefer to go with the flow?

    Cardinal signs are both leadership-driven, headstrong and like to be first. In this love match, you will always need to work on compromise.

    Summary of Cancer compatibility

    Otherwise, you can butt heads and fiercely dig in your heels, driving a wedge into your relationship. Birthdays, holidays and other occasions are NOT to be missed in a cardinal sign coupling. These are major life events that merit a grand celebration with an epic gift to match.